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With over 50 years of experience, we have a range of services to help plan and streamline your journey. 

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Planning Strategy Advice

  • Due Diligence

  • Planning Appraisals / Feasibility

  • Formal Pre-application Requests

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Planning Applications

  • Full

  • Outline

  • Hybrid

  • Householder

  • Section 73 amendments

  • Section 96a amendments

  • Listed Building Consent

  • CIL


Permitted Developments Rights

  • Use Classes Order Changes of use

  • Class A, B, E  - Dwelling houses, outbuildings and curtilage

  • Class MA - Change of use of commercial building to residential

  • Class AA – Airspace / Additional storeys

  • Class Q - Change of use agricultural building to residential use

  • Class R – Change of use of agricultural buildings to flexible commercial use

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Lawful Development Certificates

  • Certificate of Lawfulness Proposed Use or Development (CLOPUD)

  • Certificate of Lawfulness Existing Use or Development (CLUED)

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Heritage Advice

  • Listed Building Consent

  • Section 19 amendments

  • Conservation Area advice

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Local Plan - Site Promotion

  • Brownfield / Previously Developed Land (PDL)

  • Greenfield

  • Call for Sites / Site Allocation


Planning Appeals

  • S78 Appeals

  • Enforcement Notices and Appeals

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Environmental Advice

  • Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) and Habitat Regulations

  • Water and Phosphate Neutrality

  • AONB Development / National Park Development

  • EIA Scoping and Screening


Community and Political Engagement

  • Public consultation and engagement

  • Engagement with Members

  • Engagement with key stakeholders

  • Engagement with parish councils

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