People ask us why?
We question why not?

The Practice

The Planning Resolution practice is co-founded by senior like-minded commercial planners. Planning Resolution is a fiercely independent planning consultancy based in London.

Working closely and collaboratively with our clients and quality consultants, we seek to bring enthusiasm, drive and experience to delivering successful developments, taking pride in every success.

We are open to new ideas and keen to adopt lateral and forward thinking planning strategies, embrace bold and imaginative architectural solutions.

In applying our knowledge and experience, we are able to approach work with clarity, simplicity & honesty.

Using our previous experience of large and varied development projects at home and abroad, we adopt innovative, lateral thinking to deliver attractive award winning development solutions.

Free from the rigidity and constrains of major commercial practises and agencies, Planning Resolution is driven by the desire to deliver and be the best. Strong believers that less can be more, our design-led team enjoy working with the best clients, and the best teams to deliver the best product.

We have stripped away the unnecessary to focus on what’s important.

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With the planning process now ‘front loaded’ the ability to work with the community effectively and get the most from stretched local authority teams is a real challenge.

Having a team that understands the process and is able to get the most from people, is therefore a key part of successful, early planning delivery.

Think Laterally

We like working with clients and architects that are prepared think outside the box. As no one has the copyright on new ideas, we like being challenged and questioned.

Only in this way can the team define, refine & determine an appropriate planning strategy.


Our approach is to work with you, rather than for you.


We choose to work for a limited number of select clients and then ‘do it really well and have fun along the way’


The client and delivery are always at the heart of the strategy.